Miss Ayla Sunshine

It’s crazy how time seems to fly as you get older.  A year seems like just a few months time to me now. I remember last year at this time we were getting ready to move to Seattle and ordering boxes. In the midst of all that chaos we paused to celebrate the birth of our dear friend’s, the Mohar’s, baby girl Miss Ayla Sunshine. Zac Mohar is one of Justin’s oldest and closest friends, in fact you might as well call them brothers. So needless to say the birth of Miss Ayla Sunshine was a very special event in our lives.

This weekend we celebrated her first birthday with the extended families and a sun shaped birthday cake:) Ayla’s favorite gift was the yellow drum stick that accompanied an alligator xylophone, it didn’t leave her mouth the whole afternoon:) Ayla is such a beautiful and joyful child, but she also has this pensive side to her that makes me think she actually has a wise old soul.  She’s incredibly perceptive and loves to impersonate her daddy when he makes funny noises. Ayla and her mommy Candice are inseparable and share an incredible bond.  Watching them exchange the same little scrunched up nose smile is enough to melt anyone’s’ heart!  In the end it was a wonderfuly relaxing day spent with family and friends, and marks one year of the beautiful little life of Miss Ayla Sunshine.

Zac and Candy, Ayla is such a beautiful and happy child because she is the reflection of two giving, loving, and beautiful parents. Justin and I are blessed to have you as part of our family, and Ayla really is the Sunshine in our lives. Happy Birthday Ayla!

Coolest cake ever!

This is Malu, the Mohar’s other child:)

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  1. So sweet and thoughtfully written Katie…made me tear up. Ayla is just precious isn’t she?! These beautiful pictures will be treasure forever. Great job once again!

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