Cody & Brittney: Wedding

It was a beautiful August day, perfect for a lakeside wedding at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland. Cody and Brittany were both cool, calm and collected but I could see in their eyes this almost uncontainable excitement. I’ve never meet two people who are so comfortable in their own skin….which I guess doesn’t surprise me because they are both GORGEOUS! Sometimes….well most times, the wedding day can be a big blur to some people because of how fast everything goes. A year of planning that before you know is over in a matter of hours. Cody and Brittany however, where incredibly present and almost seemed to push the slow motion button as the day progressed. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience being a part of this wedding, I felt so relaxed and not rushed. Cody and Brittany taught me that sometimes you have to slow down to really take in and experience the little moments that happen in between the big moments on a wedding day. Cody and Brittany, you are an amazing couple and I wish you the very best in love and life!

  • Amanda
    October 20, 2010at9:04 pm

    I love the cupcake shot, and you’re right, they’re gorgeous!

  • bru
    October 20, 2010at10:17 pm

    OMG this just made me of all people want to have a wedding some day!! absolutely gorgeous!!!! I just can’t get over how much I love each shot. WONDERFUL!!!!!

  • Jaime Arroyo
    October 21, 2010at1:56 am

    wow, what a beautiful venue, and of course amazing photos!

  • Marsha McKenzie
    October 21, 2010at2:58 am

    Love it…especially the flowers and cupcakes shot! 😉

  • Jess Kirby
    October 21, 2010at4:29 am

    SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Great work Katie!

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