Ginger Snaps and Peonies

Justin and I celebrated 2 years of marriage on Monday. After spending 7 years together prior to marriage it still feels weird to say such a low number like 2….we’ve almost been together a decade! The last two years however have really flown by. From an amazing honeymoon in Spain, to moving into a lovely new home, starting new businesses and discussing the addition of cute little mini Parras has been very exciting.

On Monday we decided to have ourselves a little adventure. We stepped away from the computer screens and the emails and hopped in the car on what was a spectacular day in Seattle. Sunny and high 70’s…perfection. We made a stop at The Rootbeer Store which is something Justin has wanted to do for quite some time. We shared the most incredible rootbeer float and picked out bottles of rootbeer from all over the country. Next we went to the Woodland Park Zoo and spent two hours walking in the sunshine and visiting our favorite animal exhibits. (The white wolves are Justin’s all time favorite). We finished the day off with Chinese food and a stop at a local pub. We decided to forgo the anniversary cake this year and opted to ask our dear friend Kara of The Sweet Side for some of her incredible ginger snap cookies. Justin has had one with every meal since!

Life is treating us very well right now and we are trying to appreciate every single second. We feel incredibly blessed to not only have each other but to have friends and family who love and support us. I knew a life with Justin would be amazing, but so far our story has been even better than I imagined. That is what we celebrated on Monday…made even sweeter by the addition of ginger snaps and peonies… is good!


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  • Marsha McKenzie
    May 15, 2014at2:27 am

    Happy Anniversary….happy ever after! Love you guys!

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