Duerkopp Family

I had the great pleasure of meeting Melanie Duerkopp’s family for the first time last month. Melanie is a wonderful friend from college and was roommates in New York with Justin and I. Her Grandma had come over from Germany for the holidays so Melanie thought it would be a great idea to get some family portraits done while she was in town.  I adore her Grandma, she has such a free and happy spirit. When another photographer asks you to take portraits of their family it is a huge compliment, and I wanted to make sure that the portraits would be everything she hoped for.  We spent the morning at Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill and the Asian Art Museum, and thankfully the rain held off. It was such a fun day…COLD….but fun! Melanie is also a great photographer and has a blog that showcases all her adventures in the San Fransisco area and beyond.

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  • melanie
    February 24, 2010at10:08 pm

    once again Katie, I LOVE the pictures. you did an amazing job! 🙂

  • Jessica Hildebrand
    February 25, 2010at4:32 am

    Something about the spirit of your blog, just makes me feel happy every time I read it! Keep it up. Really amazing!

  • Marsha McKenzie
    February 25, 2010at5:12 pm

    You really captured the enthusiam of the family being together for this shoot..well done! 😉

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