The First Look

If I cry at a wedding it is usually during the first look. It’s an incredibly intimate special moment with just the bride and groom, and typically the grooms reactions are what do me in! The tears start flowing all around, and you can just feel the joy emanating. It’s such a special feeling and there is an incredible energy that accompanies the first time a groom sees his bride. I get chills just thinking about it:) If you choose to do a first look I can tell you that you won’t regret it. You will get some really incredible images, and from what I’ve been told it doesn’t take anything away from the special moment you will share when you’re coming down the aisle.

Here’s a few of my favorite first looks from last season.

Happy Friday!

  • Jess
    March 12, 2010at11:17 pm

    Love it! Some amazing pictures! Makes me want to cry too!

  • Marsha McKenzie
    March 13, 2010at8:12 pm

    This is so fabulous….great shots…what a cool idea.

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