Travel: Strathpeffer and Edinburgh, Scotland

Loch Ness (home of the Loch Ness Monster)

For the second installment of my travel series I decided to feature Scotland, my family’s homeland. We visited one of the MacKenzie Castles and the current Head of the MacKenzie Seat in Strathpeffer and then took the train into Edinburgh for a few days. This leg of our trip was truly magical because the scenery was just breathtaking, and then to be able to relate to it as being such a huge part of our heritage, and to share that with my family was really special.

This is an image my mom took of my dad next to a portrait of one of his ancestors that was hanging in our hotel lobby. The resemblance is uncanny!

View from Castle Leod (one of the MacKenzie castles)

That front door of Castle Leod dates back to 1605. Castle Leod was frequently visited by Queen Victoria in the 1800’s and her prayer stool is still there today.

My family with the Earl of Cromartie and the Head of the MacKenzie Seat.

Roaming the grounds of Castle Leod

This tree is the oldest known planted tree in the United Kingdom, it was planted in honor of Mary of Guise who was the mother of Mary Queen of Scots. It’s a Spanish Chestnut Tree planted in 1550.

Family Portrait at Castle Leod. Mallory and I are wearing our family’s tartan scarves.

The trip wouldn’t have been complete with out a few hundred sheep sightings:)


“The Royal Mile” leading up to Edinburgh Castle, and Mallory with her millionth book she purchased:)

Edinburgh Castle

Prisoners kept in Edinburgh Castle would carve their names and sayings into their prison doors….very creepy.

Night time view of the Castle all lit up.

Me after a long day of sight seeing enjoying….I mean chocking down…some whiskey:)


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  • Marsha McKenzie
    April 6, 2010at1:38 am

    Awe…such great memories…I’m ready to go back!! These pictures are just spectacular!! Man, that night shot of Edinburgh Castle is really fab!. The Sheep!! ha!!

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