Courtney and Jaime: Engagement Sneak Peek

I know I have lots of posts to catch up on but I just HAD to share an image from the amazing engagement session I did with Courtney and Jaime this weekend.  Talk about a couple who are madly in love! This is the last shot of the day and probably one of my all time favorite shots…..ever!! I promise to to get back on my schedule of blogging this week, I have so many wonderful things to share!! Happy Monday:)

  • mommy rubright
    October 18, 2010at6:51 pm

    Katie, you certainly did catch the essence of Courtney and Jaime’s relationship,,,true Love! It is beautiful!

  • Marsha McKenzie
    October 19, 2010at3:16 am

    Wow…this shot is way cool…what a great idea…I love it!! 😉

  • Jenny Pearson
    October 20, 2010at3:23 am

    SO BEAUTIFUL!! You guys look great. I can’t wait to be a part of your big day. Love you both!

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