The Evolution of the Chachew

Those of you who know us well know that our nickname for our dog Charlie is Chachew. Justin nicknamed him that when he was little and wanted to chew on everything including the wall! Charlie + Chew = Chachew:) Anyway, I was looking at some of his baby photos from almost two years ago and it dawned on me how close my baby was to turning two! Crazy how time flies! It’s bizarre to me how much a dog changes physically just in the first year of their existence. He went from being a tiny little squirt to a huge cuddly bear in what seemed like 6 months! One thing that hasn’t changed about him though is his warm, kind brown eyes. It will be interesting to see in a year from now how much more he will grow (3 years old is supposed to be the stopping point for German Shepherds….fingers crossed), in the mean time I will stay dedicated to documenting his happy puppy life:)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

  • Betty
    February 9, 2011at4:56 pm

    TOO CUTE!! He is such a good dog! A very gentle giant 🙂

  • Marsha McKenzie
    February 9, 2011at5:07 pm

    Ah sooo sweet!! 😉

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