Poached Peaches & Figs with a Rosè Lillet Cocktail: Style Me Pretty Feature

smp-badge_living-whiteStarting in August every year I look forward to new and scrumptious peach recipes. Here in Seattle we go crazy for our Frog Hollow Farm peaches and Pence Farm peaches. They are truly like candy they are so sweet! This year I was inspired by a poached apricot recipe I saw in Martha Stewart Living. Poaching fruit in yummy Lillet is so easy and makes for an incredibly elegant dessert. Also, what dessert isn’t better with a matching cocktail! There are endless cocktail possibilities with Lillet. I used the Rosè because I thought it would pair perfectly with a peach liquor to accompany my poached peach dessert. You can also find Red and White versions of Lillet. Style Me Pretty Living was kind enough to feature my poached peach recipe as well as my cocktail recipe. For the full gallery and recipes feel free to check out the features on Style Me Pretty Living.


  • Marsha McKenzie
    September 27, 2013at12:29 am

    Beautiful, simple, and elegant!

  • Maju G
    September 27, 2013at3:37 pm


  • Renae
    October 18, 2013at4:33 pm

    This looks amazing! Will definitely have to try it! I love your style and your photos! And hopefully this doesn’t sound creepy, but I just followed you on Instagram too. I’m living in Seattle right now and I love seeing what other Seattlites are up too, plus your dog is super super cute!!

  • Katie Parra
    October 18, 2013at5:51 pm

    Renae- Thank you! Not creepy at all, happy to have another follower! Charlie is such a ham, I post a picture of him every other day on my Instagram account;)

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