Last spring I received a really great opportunity. I was asked by my friends at Seattle Magazine to shoot the imagery for the 2010 Seattle Urban Pages directory. I was in charge of shooting 90% of the imagery (excluding the ads) which was a massive undertaking, but I was able to experience Seattle in a whole new way. The directory is a resource guide to all things wonderful that you can only find in Seattle; from food, to shopping, restaurants, to attractions. Seattle is comprised of lots of little neighborhoods...

“Where bare feet and sandy floors rule!”

Seaside is one of my families favorite places to vacation. We discovered this small beach community years and years ago while visiting family in Panama City Beach. Seaside is about 40 minutes west of PCB. We’ve had lots of family reunions, vacations, and birthdays at Seaside, and it’s been fascinating to see how it’s built up in the last 15 years.  The Seaside of years past was literally a one road town with cute little shops and markets, and a killer shave ice store:) Now it’s a humongous community with art galleries, restaurants, and high end shopping. Thankfully though most of our favorite spots are still around, and now there are six, yes I said six, air stream trailers with shave ice and other assorted goodies.  The white sand, blue umbrellas, and clear ocean water do us in every time, and the essence and beauty of Seaside is still very much in tact.

Seaside is one of the hardest places to leave, it’s literally painful every time we have to pack up and go home, but we always know we will be back again soon. Riding bikes, eating shave ice, and laying under our big blue umbrellas starring out at the gorgeous Gulf.  Seaside has been lucky so far not to have received any oil, and we continue to pray to the beach gods that our adored beach community will make it through this horrific tragedy.

Seaside I miss you already, until next year!

You might recognize the Post office from the movie “The Truman Show”

Another one of my passions is food photography. I remember four years ago when I was graduating college I was so determined to move to NY and shoot for magazines, restaurants and cook books. Nothing could stop me...