The day before our wedding I was faced with a decision….tent or no tent. Thankfully I had put a tent on reserve several months prior knowing that having your wedding outdoors means you better have a rain plan. That Friday before I was sitting in the salon and watched the chance of rain go from 30% to 80% in about a five minute time frame…..decision made…..tent. Sure I was bummed that our wedding wasn’t going to be exactly as I had planned, but after about 15 minutes of being bummed I got over it. I knew I had a wonderful team in place that was going to make all the necessary changes and our day was still going to be beautiful. The day of the wedding it was slightly overcast with sun breaks throughout the day. The silver lining was that it kept the temperature down, there was a nice cool refreshing breeze, and the cloud cover provided beautiful diffused lighting for pictures.

The tent I had put on reserve was not the tent that got used however. I’m not a fan of the frame tent with all the framing exposed underneath and the liners for such a large frame tent are insanely priced. So some last minute decorating changes had to happen, but my amazing wedding planner Christina Gillon really came through and made it a space that she knew I would love.

In the end it didn’t rain a drop the entire day. It wasn’t until literally everyone was home later that evening around 11pm that the skies just opened up! We were incredibly fortunate with the weather we had, and when all was said and done the tents were a blessing. Our whole day was filled with laughter, smiles, tears of joy and all our friends and family pulling together to make the day run smoothly. Justin and I were in our own little bubble. This awesome little blissful bubble where all I saw was him and how happy we both were… was perfection.


I was really happy how our welcome table came together. Having splurged on my first choice of invitation designer I knew I was going to have to do some DIY. I ended up making the menu, seating chart, programs and place cards.rosewed_64

Justin found these great Fuji max mini Polaroid cameras that we provided for guests to take fun snapshots of each other, stick them in our sign in book and write their well wishes next to their picture. It’s one of my favorite keepsakes from our big day!

rosewed_65In the South you can’t have a wedding with out some iced tea! I wanted guests to be able to drink and stay hydrated from the very beginning of our event so we had a lemonade and tea stand set up right outside the ceremony tent.

rosewed_66rosewed_67I found these adorable heart straws and knew they would be perfect for our tea and lemonade stand.

Below: Our ring bearers Eli and Tre hanging out before the ceremony, aren’t they so darling!


Alex and Jeff exiting the church in a mixture of rain and bubbles:) Sometimes (well most times) we photographers don't get our way. We always pray and hope for gorgeous weather and venues that are light and airy so we can use our flash as little as possible. Details always photograph beautifully in natural light, but sometimes (most times) you have to make it work with the lighting you are given. I find these challenging days push me to be even more creative and to really hone the technical skills that...

  "The most dangerous food in the world is wedding cake!" -James Thurber I know this quote could have a couple different meanings, but for me it's quite simple.  If I ate a piece of cake at every wedding I attended in a year I would have to be rolled out of the reception hall! People who know me well know that I have quite the sweet tooth, and cake is one of my favorite things...