The family is in town and we are headed up to Victoria in the morning! When I get back I will have lots of fun wedding blogs to post, and of course pictures from the trip:) Happy Weekend Everyone! ...

I haven’t done a travel series in a while so I thought I’d share some images from our trip to Victoria, British Columbia last August. Anyone who knows me or my family knows that we LOVE everything to do with the UK. It’s our heritage, we love visiting the UK, we even turned our dining room into the McKenzie Family Pub! Visiting Victoria feels like you have literally just flown across the US and the Atlantic to the UK, but all we had to do was take a 2 hour ferry ride:) There is so much to do in Victoria, from having Tea at the famous Empress Hotel, any and every outdoor activity known to man, royal museums, garden tours, shopping, pub crawls….the list goes on and on. Justin and I were lucky enough to be on this trip with his mom Gigi, and all we did was eat, drink, shop, and walk. It was SO FUN! The architecture and the landscape is incredibly stunning, it will take your breath away, and everyone you meet on the street or in a bar is really friendly and obliging. I highly recommend visiting Victoria, and I look forward to going back again and again;)

The Empress Hotel is where you can have high tea, very fun to do with your girlfriends:)

The landscape is stunning, from the amazing trees to the majestic San Juan Islands.

Loch Ness (home of the Loch Ness Monster)

For the second installment of my travel series I decided to feature Scotland, my family’s homeland. We visited one of the MacKenzie Castles and the current Head of the MacKenzie Seat in Strathpeffer and then took the train into Edinburgh for a few days. This leg of our trip was truly magical because the scenery was just breathtaking, and then to be able to relate to it as being such a huge part of our heritage, and to share that with my family was really special.