Let them eat cake!


“The most dangerous food in the world is wedding cake!” -James Thurber

I know this quote could have a couple different meanings, but for me it’s quite simple.  If I ate a piece of cake at every wedding I attended in a year I would have to be rolled out of the reception hall! People who know me well know that I have quite the sweet tooth, and cake is one of my favorite things……ever.  At the end of the night when I’m tired and hungry and they roll out that gorgeous confection of a cake it takes everything in me to just turn around and walk the other way. Until of course it’s time to cut the cake and I must stand right next to it while I capture the happy bride and groom cutting into their cake and jokingly smash it in each others faces. I find myself holding my breath so I don’t smell the gooey fruit or cream filling, but alas some nights are easier then others.  I think the wedding cake is a fun place for brides and grooms to get creative.  Working with a theme is always a good start, and don’t be afraid to go outside the box. I think the biggest mistake brides and grooms make is getting too big of a cake. Not everyone likes cake, and more often then not you’re left over with TONS of left over cake. Dessert and candy tables have become a new trend which I think is a great idea because not only can you have several different types of desserts, but you can order a smaller cake and save some money. Bulk candy is not hard to find and very wallet friendly:) Again make the cake all about you and your groom, don’t worry about satisfying the masses. This is your day, and let’s be honest, there’s a chance it will end up all over your face so make sure you like the way it tastes and smells!

Oh and on a side note if you are going to have a tented reception go ahead and splurge a little bit and get a tent liner. From a photography stand point it makes all the difference in the world. Sometimes they come included, but most of the time it costs a little extra to have it added….it’s worth it trust me.
Here’s some of the yummy confections I had to refrain myself from devouring this past wedding season.

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  • Marsha McKenzie
    February 8, 2010at11:10 pm

    Beautiful…makes me want to eat one and bake one! 😉

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