A Big Announcement….that involves the word FREE!

Yesterday, I was watching the Oprah show and Tom Brokaw and Michelle Obama were on talking about the epidemic of disconnection that some of us citizens have with the war and those who serve in it. Tom says we all have to “re-enlist as citizens.” For me that means raising our consciousness about the war and to think about the men and women who are fighting every day and losing their lives. “However you feel about the war and the appropriateness of it, you must honor these people and their families,” Tom says.  Well needless to say this struck a huge nerve with me and so I thought, what could I do to honor these families, to say thank you. One small thing I can do is offer up what I know best, photography. So the big announcement is I am offering a FREE portrait session to anyone who is either serving in the military or has a loved one serving.  I know that some of my most treasured possessions are photos of my family, and I want these families to have them in abundance!

So here are the specifics:

Obviously I wish I could do this for all military families but I am limited by where I live and work, so any family living within an hour of Seattle or Denver is eligible. I’m in Denver at least twice a year (late spring/early summer and Christmas time.)

Each family will get a 30 minute portrait session, and a high resolution disk of all the images. All images will be professionally color corrected with minor retouching if necessary.

So if you know of a family or someone whose got a loved one serving let them know about this special offer. There is no expiration date, you can’t put an expiration on a thank you. Please join me in raising our consciousness and thank these families for all that they sacrifice!

Here are some of my favorite family photos I’ve done over the years:

  • Marsha McKenzie
    January 28, 2011at5:02 pm

    Wow…this is very nice and generous of you Katie…good for you..I hope you get some takers. I’m very proud of you for doing this. 😉

  • Kim Williams
    January 28, 2011at5:53 pm

    How wonderful! Such a nice idea to do this Katie…Congratulations on sharing your wonderful gift with others!

  • Amanda
    January 28, 2011at7:57 pm

    LOVE that you’re doing this, so cool!

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