A Colorado Christmas

This year was a freakish weather year in Colorado for Christmas. I was home for 5 days and all those days had temps in the 50’s! The snow and the freezing temps showed up the day after I left on the 30th. I was ok with not having the white Christmas this year. It made getting together with friends much easier, and my family and I love to go on walks which we were able to do on Christmas day. The above picture was taken on that walk, it was our little Christmas miracle. We were rounding the corner to head back to the house before it got dark when all of a sudden Santa comes walking up over the hill with the mountains and sun setting behind him. It was pretty magical! Then someone said, (I can’t remember who) “he’s probobally stealing something”….we all looked at each other like …oh…yeah….maybe…then I quickly added, “or he’s just surprising some kids.” Who knows but either way it was pretty amazing, and as I started to take his picture he waved and yelled “Ho Ho Ho.” You can’t beat that on Christmas!

Here are a few more shots from my short visit home:)

My parents do such a wonderful job with the Tree every year, so pretty!

Every year there is some kind of prank item in the house and this year it was the alligator in the tree…scared the crap out of me!

This year the tree had some of the wonderful ornaments my parents purchased while in the Czech Republic last spring.

Our neighbor Jamie made these AMAZING cookie dough cupcakes….so good!

Bunny in the front yard:)

I had a wonderful Colorado Christmas, and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!


  • bru
    January 5, 2011at9:50 pm

    Those cupcakes look awesome! Sad i didn’t get one 😉

  • Marsha McKenzie
    January 6, 2011at1:25 am

    Great pictures Katie…wish it could of been a longer visit. Yep, I’m the one who said he (Santa) was probably stealing something…ha ha. The candy cane ornament was made/given to us by your Aunt Michelle when you were very small. The alligator is the best though! hahahaha. All of the pictures are great though…you did such a great job. 😉

  • Jaime Arroyo
    January 6, 2011at3:41 am

    ha ha love that you saw santa! you should’ve submitted that pic to the local paper! 🙂

  • Jamie R.
    January 10, 2011at4:30 am

    Yay, I love that my cupcakes made your blog! Thank you, beautiful Christmas pictures!

    Bru, I will make you some next time!

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