Ayla and Sawyer

Miss Ayla Sunshine is an official big sister these days, doting on her baby brother Sawyer, and squealing out the word BABY! The above picture is when she met her brother for the first time, and I don’t think I’ve seen a sweeter moment in my whole life:) We hadn’t seen the Mohars for almost a month since little Sawyer was born so we went down this weekend for a little visit. Turns out Sawyer is a little ladies man, and only likes to be held by women;) He makes the funniest faces and is already very expressive. Ayla has a new big girl room that her Aunt Becky designed for her and we spent the evening coloring, reading, jumping on the bed and talking with Elmo. It was a wonderful evening spent with dear friends and two of the cutest kids around:)

Pretending to be asleep;)

Isn’t he such a muffin!

  • Marsha McKenzie
    February 21, 2011at4:52 pm

    Oh my gosh…so adorable…love love love these pictures!! 😉

  • bru
    February 21, 2011at5:26 pm

    Super cute!!! I love the one after she is pretending to be asleep. So precious!!!!

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