One year and counting!


In exactly one year I will be marrying Mr. Justin Parra at Rosemary Beach in the Florida Panhandle. When I say it out loud it feels much further away, but I’m going to enjoy this year being engaged and I look forward to all the fun planning:) I went down to Rosemary last month with the family to tour our venue and book our official date. Here are some photos from that visit:




My future Mother-in-law’s name is Gigi so I thought this was really cool!


I had my amazingly beautiful Maid of Honor sister with me;)


Rosemary is filled to the brim with charm!


….need I say more….


This is the Eastern Green where we will be getting married. Our caterer invited us down to see a wedding set up they were doing. Our set up will be different, but that’s the spot. When you’re standing on the green you can smell and hear the ocean, it’s so amazing!

So today in honor of it being one year before our wedding we are getting our engagement photos done! My good friend and fellow wedding photographer Carol Harrold is going to do them for us at Discovery Park where Justin proposed:) Charlie will be included of course, and then tomorrow we will be celebrating Charlie turning 2! So stay tuned for cute pictures:)

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